Join Us in the Acts of Kindness Movement.  

Share what kindness looks like in your community! We’re providing $500 in direct cash assistance to up to 5,000 families impacted by COVID-19.   

Here’s all you need to do: 

  1. Post your true act of kindness to social media Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram; or use the form on our homepage. Consider challenging your friends to post by tagging them—the more people who share, the faster up to 5,000 families will receive $500.  
    Get creative! We’ve been inspired by a phone call to someone who lives alone, groceries sent to someone who needs them, or a card for someone whose birthday party was canceled. There are endless ways to reach out to the people around us—what are you inspired to do?
  2. Include #GiveTogetherNow and tag Stand Together Foundation. 
    Find Stand Together Foundation on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
    Is your account private? Is so, please: 
    a.) make sure the Act of Kindness post is set for public viewing, or
    b.) tag Stand Together Foundation to ensure that our moderators can see and respond to your post.
  3. That’s it!  
    Once our community moderators see and confirm your post, we’ll provide $500 to a family impacted by COVID-19 from a special $2.5 million fund provided specifically for Acts of Kindness. 

See full terms and conditions below. 

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  1. Submissions should consist of a video or photo of your act of kindness, with a written description, posted to either Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using the hashtag #GiveTogetherNow; or a written description submitted at Submissions consisting only of written descriptions should be at least 400 characters.
  2. A person may submit one act of kindness per day.
  3. Submissions should be appropriate for all audiences. Any submission that includes content that is inappropriate, indecent, or obscene, as determined in our sole discretion, will not be eligible.
  4. We will look for submissions that demonstrate sincere and impactful acts of kindness and determine, in our sole discretion, which submissions will result in a direct cash payment to a family in need. If your submission is selected, #GiveTogetherNow will leave you a comment (on social media posts) or send you an e-mail (for website submissions) to let you know.
  5. For each selected submission, Family Independence Initiative will make a direct cash payment equal to $500 to a family in need (see eligibility requirements) on a first-come, first-served basis, until the earlier of (a) September 1, 2020, or (b) 5,000 submissions successfully result in a direct cash payment (making $2.5 million in aggregate available in direct cash payments).