TURN AN ACT OF KINDNESS INTO $500 FOR A FAMILY IN NEED! Our founder, Susan Binkley, surprised our quarantined women and children of Blue Monarch with a trunk full of ice cream – before lunch! “I picked up every flavor I could find plus a big jug of chocolate syrup. The hard part was keeping my distance when I wanted to give every one of them a big hug. The best part was knowing that this ice cream party will turn into $500 for someone who is struggling during this COVID-19 season!” Read on to see how… Simple acts of kindness remind people that they’re not alone—and now, through our collaboration with @standtogetherfoundation , these acts of kindness can provide direct cash assistance to families. Post your act of kindness with the hashtag #GiveTogetherNow and $500 will be donated to a family struggling through the COVID-19 crisis. That’s all it takes! Full details at https://givetogethernow.org/. Post your act of kindness now – or send the details and photos to us at info@bluemonarch.org and we will post it for you! Let’s do this together!