Social distancing makes it difficult to feel the warmth of the community that surrounds all of us. In times like these, simple acts of kindness can remind people who are struggling that they’re not alone.
I wrote some some notes of encouragement & gratitude for those working at my favorite local coffee shop last week. They’re always brightening my day (& keeping me caffeinated). They also have been a consistent part of my normal for the last three years, starting when DC was totally foreign to me – this was where I grabbed a latte to fuel my first DC full time job interview – to now, when Arlington certainly feels like home, but has been disrupted by this pandemic. Having managed a coffee shop, I know how monotonous the work can seem from time to time, especially now when people’s roles are being deemed “essential” or not, but it’s the connection with people & ability to serve that make it special. I gave kindness to this local business because I wanted Northside’s staff to know how much their work means to me & to share the joy & comfort they bring to my routine with them.