Grand Rapids, MI

A mother of five, formerly homeless, pays rent on a home she worked hard to provide

Before the coronavirus outbreak, Nelynn, a mother of five in Grand Rapids, Michigan, worked part-time at a school. When the pandemic broke out, the school closed, and her oldest child lost his job. Nelynn’s family had been living paycheck to paycheck, and without work, Nelynn didn’t know how she would be able to come up with the rent. “The #GiveTogetherNow COVID-19 relief fund was such a blessing,” she says.  Nelynn had just celebrated a year in their rental home after being homeless and living in a shelter. “I spent five months to get where I am now. With my job closing, I was afraid I would not make my rent payment, but thanks to this blessing, I can…My kids and I want to just say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”