I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Urban Specialists and GiveTogetherNow.

I had a wonderful opportunity to embark upon a new chapter in my career. I took the leap of faith in January 2020 and by March the COVID-19 had hit our family hard. I lost my source of income and my husband, who is disabled, was displaying all the signs of the virus. Due to underlying health issues, my husband’s doctors advised us not to go to the hospital, unless absolutely unavoidable.

We’ve been in quarantine for over a month. It’s been a truly challenging and scary time. However, my husband is slowly improving. The $500 grant is the first income that my family has had since my last paycheck. The grant will help us pay for the basics… medication, food, and utilities.

Words can’t begin to express my gratefulness… This is not how I envisioned 2020 starting, but Urban Specialists gives me faith in humanity and a glimmer of hope that things will eventually be okay again.